I will have surgery that will require a clear liquid diet.

I am about to have some surgery that will require that I be on a clear liquid diet for an extended amount of time. I must shop for these things before surgery as I live alone. Could you please let me know if there is anything I can have on this diet other than broth, Jello, 7 up and apple juice? Thank you very much.

A clear liquid diet has plain broth, apple juice, cranberry juice, jello, tea and lemon-lime soda. Basically, it allows any food that is clear (you can see through it) and liquid at 98.6 degrees F (body temperature). It is generally recommended because it is very low in fiber and therefore doesn’t produce feces in the colon. Often a clear liquid diet is prescribed for 3 days before and up to several days after surgery on your intestines.

Also, you will probably not be able to eat after midnight the night before surgery to make sure that your stomach is empty. You could vomit and inhale the vomit if the doctor puts a tube down your throat when you are given anesthesia and your stomach is full. Sorry to be so graphic, but it is important to follow your surgeon’s instructions before and after surgery. After all, it is a lot to go through.