I’m 230 pounds and interested in joining the Optifast program.

I’m 230 pounds, 5 feet 8 inches and I’m interested in joining the “Optifast” program. My only problem is that I hear that it’s very costly. ($300 initial fee; $120 per week ) I live in New York City and I was wondering if all the participating doctors charge the same rate? How would I go about finding more information on “Optifast”? Is it just as popular as it once was a long time ago? In comparison to other ‘liquid diets’, do you feel that “Optifast is the best one today?

Optifast is a hospital-based outpatient program that uses a very low-calorie diet (VLCD) of 600 calories per day to achieve weight loss. The program incorporates training in modifying eating habits and food stimuli in addition to the liquid diet. And the important component is, that you are working with nutrition professionals who have education and training in weight loss. Oprah Winfrey catapulted this diet plan to popularity by talking about her own weight loss using the Optifast program.

If you would like more information about Optifast, first call your local hospitals to find out which doctors participate in the program and what the cost is. Like any service offered, you may have to call around to find out if the costs are the same. Or you can call Sandoz Nutrition, located in Princeton, NJ.

Needless to say, the research does not have favorable results to say about liquid diets long-term success rate when for severely limit calorie intake. There are also other over-the-counter liquid diets available which are used to replace one or two meals per day also achieve weight loss. The bottom line is when you eat less food, you lose weight. What research results do point to are successful long-term weight loss results from moderate weight loss reduction and exercise?