What does “SOAP” stand for?

I am currently taking a nutritional assessment class and cannot find a term in my text. What does “SOAP” stand for?

SOAP refers to a style of documenting in medical charts.

  • S = subjective i.e. what is the patient’s complaint?
  • O = objective i.e. what is the patient’s eating history including a recall of what they usually eat or ate for the last 24 hours or how often do they eat certain foods (aka food frequency) and nutrition therapy order?
  • A = assessment i.e. what is your assessment of the patient’s nutritional status? Evaluate the patient parameters such as height, weight, physical observations, food history, nutritional status, medical, family and social history, etc?
  • P = plan i.e. how is what the patient is complaining of, their nutrition therapy order and nutritional assessment going to be implemented to restore nutritional health?

Good luck in school.