My sister needs to have her gallbladder removed. Her doctor put her on a diet of clear liquids.

My sister just found out she needs to have her gallbladder removed (the surgery date will be set later this week). Her doctor put her on a diet of clear liquids last week and she needs to remain on that for a couple more weeks (I am not sure how long after the surgery). My concern is that she will not get all of her nutrients. Plus, I know she is sick of gelatin and broth. What else can she have? (I was thinking of sending her a care package with a few things and wanted to know what I should send her). Thanks.

Your sister can have any liquid that is clear. Besides flavored gelatin and broth (chicken or beef), she can have apple juice, cranberry juice, and tea.

A clear liquid diet is low in calories and most vitamins and minerals. Since it is used for such a short time, I wouldn’t worry. After your sister has her gallbladder removed, she will be started on clear liquids again, then full liquids (any food liquid at body temperature 98.6 degrees F) and finally a regular diet.