Can you give me some advice on what amount of fish, pork, chicken, and beef I should consume in a week?

Fish, pork, chicken, and beef – can you give me some advice on what amount (quantity) I should consume of these in a week.

Also, I’ve had some people tell me to stay away from pork, but I thought that pork had less fat than beef did?

General recommendations are to eat lean red (beef or pork) meats 3 or 4 servings a week and chicken, poultry or fish the remaining days. I would suggest you pick 3 days like Monday, Wednesday and Friday to eat red meats to simplify remembering what you ate when. Portion size per serving should be 3 ounces cooked or 4 ounces raw. These recommendations would include noon and evening meals. Red meats are an excellent source of iron, which if eliminated in your diet can contribute to iron deficiency anemia.

Pork is an excellent, lean red meat and that is s significant source of thiamin. It contains about 1/3 the iron content of beef. Pork farming methods have changed. Pigs are leaner when brought to market. Beef and pork, depending on the cut, contain about the same amount of fat 42%.