I am having a gallbladder attack.


I am up at this insane hour because I am in the process of having a gallbladder attack. I read the Q&A about if a gallbladder actually ruptures. I am scheduled for surgery. I would go to the emergency room, but I do not want to have it removed under emergency circumstances. I am hoping that I can have it performed using a laparoscope without any incident. I also have a job that I can’t be away from due to the lack of disability insurance. Can you possibly indicate what the effects are of a rupture?

I also would like to know if I need to avoid all food altogether. I ate white beans (gassy?) 3 or 4 large shrimp (broiled) piece of cod (baked with Cajun spices). Do the spices as well as the fat content impact my gallbladder?

Should I be concerned that I now get nauseous along with my attacks? I wish I had looked for your website sooner. It’s very good. I need to tell my sister about it because she is having medical issues relative to the female reproduction system.

Thanks for reading this email. I am in pain but at least can read about what is killing me since I can’t sleep.

If you are having a gall bladder attack, go straight to the emergency room. I am not a medical doctor and even if I were, I would not diagnose your symptoms online. Please contact your doctor immediately.

A ruptured organ in the body can cause death or at least a severe infection and prolonged recovery because of complications. In the case of a gallbladder that stores bile which is used to break down fat, bile floating around inside your abdomen would cause additional damage to other internal organs.

True that surgeons don’t like to take out gallbladders when they are inflamed or irritated, but don’t make that determination yourself as you are not a doctor either. The most important thing is your health, not your job. As it is, you will be off work after you have your gallbladder removed and will probably use sick days you have accumulated.

You should make an appointment to see a registered dietitian to get your diet straightened out so that you can meet your goal of non-emergency surgery. A gallbladder diet should be low in fat, gas-forming foods, skins and particulates (seeds). Fat includes fried foods (liver) and rich desserts (ice cream or pie) as well as added fats (salad dressings, butter or sandwich spread). Particulates are small seeds that are often found in fruits (melons and berries) and vegetables (cucumbers, green peppers), but also includes seed spices like caraway or fennel. Herbs added to food don’t seem to cause irritation. Also, foods with a high fiber content like beans, corn, and whole grains are usually not tolerated well. Gas-forming like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and Brussel sprouts are usually not tolerated well. Basically, you need foods that are not fried, but cooked. Avoid fresh fruits and vegetables other than a banana. Canned peeled fruits or fruit juice is OK along with cooked vegetables (no gas formers or high fiber).

Thanks for your comments. Now call your doctor if you haven’t already.