I have hemorrhoids and I was wondering if this is related to my poor eating habits?

I have a question. I know I have an eating disorder of some sort. I alternate between overeating and extreme diets. Anyway, I have hemorrhoids, and I was wondering if this condition is at all related to my poor eating habits? If you could also give me any information on eating disorders it would be very helpful.

I would need more specific info regarding your overeating habits and extreme diets before agreeing that you have an eating disorder. You can read about my anorexia and bulimia topics for info on eating disorders but would suggest you talk to a psychologist rather than diagnosing yourself.

Hemorrhoids are varicose veins of the rectum which are usually caused by constipation but can also appear in the later stages of pregnancy. Basically, these veins can be either inside or outside your rectum. The veins on the outside get pushed outside your rectum when you strain to pass constipated stool. Pregnant women sometimes get hemorrhoids because of the pressure their uterus puts on their colon and rectum as the baby grows in size or starts dropping into their pelvis prior to birth. I would recommend you go see your doctor to diagnose your hemorrhoids and best treatment approach.

A high fiber eating plan and adequate water intake (your urine should be colorless and odorless) should solve your constipation. However, a high fiber eating plan will not cure hemorrhoids as they do not go away. They are either inflamed or just enlarged. Hemorrhoids can be surgically removed if they are painful or bleeding. If you are seeing blood with your stool, please go see your doctor immediately.