Celiac disease, fiber, water, and low fat for bloating and gas?



Thank you for your swift response. I am replying as requested.

  1. I was diagnosed with celiac disease a few years ago so I never consume anything with gluten.
  2. I eat 25-35 grams of fiber a day (been logging intake for the past few months).
  3. I drink plenty of water. Pee is light yellow, no odor.
  4. I don’t intentionally eat low fat but it just happens. I’m naturally underweight so no, I am not trying to lose weight.
  5. I do like to add an artificial sweetener in my coffee (1 sometimes 2 cups a day) and I like chewing gum or sucking on polo mints when I’m concentrating at work (not anything ridiculous like a whole packet though).
  6. I walk at least an hour a day and do yoga.
  7. I avoid carbonated drinks because I know they’ll make me bloated and feel uncomfortable. I only have them occasionally.
  8. Would probiotic and prebiotic food and drink help?

Thank you.

Thanks for your health update and changes you have made in eating.  It appears you have eliminated many of the possible causes of bloating and gas that you are experiencing.

Glad you went thru getting a diagnosis rather than just eliminating gluten-free foods on your own. Getting blood tests and an intestinal biopsy is critical before one goes gluten free to rule-in or rule-out celiac disease. Assume you have become an avid label reader to spot sources of gluten.

You could cut down your fiber to 25 grams per day and see if that makes any difference for 3 days.

Sounds like you are drinking an adequate amount of water with a light yellow urine.

Ah, you are underweightLow fat would not be recommended as fat is a good source of calories. A moderate amount of fat like 1 teaspoon of a healthy oil (olive or peanut) based salad dressing or healthy oil based margarine on 2 foods at each meal would help boost your fat and calories. I am not recommending you start eating fried foods, however.

Unless you have diabetes or hypoglycemia which you did not mention, you can use regular sugar in your coffee. You can also eat chewing gum and mints with sugar tho I have cautioned you about chewing gum. The downside to sugar is eating sugary foods is cariogenic (causes dental caries).

So happy to hear you walk and perform yoga.  Exercise is helpful to move your intestinal contents along.

Also happy to hear you avoid carbonated beverages. You could let carbonated beverages stand in an open container in the fridge till it goes flat tho that defies the reason most people drink carbonated beverages. Since most carbonated beverages are basically sugar and water, they hold no nutritional benefit to drinking other than providing you with water which should not be carbonated (with gas) either.

I would not recommend changing your eating habits until you see your doctor and dietitian in regards to trying a probiotic or prebiotic food or supplement. You are best diagnosed when you are having symptoms and not made any changes to your food choices.

Probiotics and prebiotics help populate the normal flora (bacteria) in your intestines. Have you been on an antibiotic?  They can kill not only bad bacteria but also the good bacteria in your gut. Remember to discuss with your doctor all your prescribed and over the counter medicines as well as any supplements that you take as contributing to your symptoms.

For now, I would proceed with my suggestions to you previously one at a time each with a 3-day elimination trial to see if you experience an improvement in bloating and gas. Eliminate gas-producing foods, slightly decrease fiber, eliminate sugar-free gums and mints with sugar alcohols as well as artificial sweeteners. Continue to avoid gluten and carbonated beverages. Continue walking and drinking water. Slightly increase the amount of fat you eat at each meal with the goal to gain weight.

If you are unsure how many calories to eat, try my Healthy Body Calculator® and remember to choose to gain weight as a weight goal.  Then try my HELP Healthy Eating for Life Plan® which will create a personalized healthy eating plan to gain weight.

One last question. Do you have or have you ever had an eating disorder?