I am quick to anger, am always tense about something. Could a good diet and exercise program improve these?

I am a 21-year-old college student. I find that I am quick to anger, I am always tense about something. It is almost impossible for me to relax and have a good time. I am always yelling at my boyfriend and sometimes I just feel so incredibly sad. I have always heard that a good diet and exercise program could improve this type of situation. Is this true? Could a healthier lifestyle really make me a happier person overall? Currently, I am a fast-food junkie with almost no exercise. Could it make enough of a difference that I would notice?

Yelling at someone is abusive and you need to stop. If your boyfriend wants a healthy relationship, he will probably leave the relationship if you keep yelling. I would also suggest you contact your student health services and make an appointment to talk to a psychologist to get at the cause of your anger, tension, and sadness. It usually is not a surface issue like a difference of opinions, but rather some deep emotion that you need help expressing. Anger can tell you that someone crossed your boundaries. A good book about women’s anger is Dance of Anger to discover the source of your anger. See if your college library has a copy.

Meals based on the My Plate and 30 minutes of exercise 5 times per week are good for everyone, but food or lack of exercise is probably not the cause of your anger. You need to find out what is making you angry.

FYI, fast foods are mostly high fat, salty, sweet foods, but you can make healthy fast food choices like broiled chicken breast sandwiches, salad, fruit cups with yogurt and reduced-fat milk. While you are at student health services, ask to talk to a dietitian about what you eat and how you would like to change your food choices.