My friend started herself on a no starch diet and her menstrual cycle has become irregular.

A friend of mine has just recently started herself on a starch diet (avoids eating bread, etc.) and has just noticed that her menstrual cycle has become irregular. Do you know whether or not this is a side effect of a starch diet?

I appreciate your time.

Why your friend has chosen this kind of diet?

Suddenly having an irregular menstrual cycle is not normal after just starting a diet even where a food group is eliminated. I would recommend she visit her doctor to diagnose the cause.

It is possible that by not eating adequate calories and fat after one month a person could have an irregular menstrual cycle especially if the individual is or drops to a low body weight. Does your friend have any other symptoms like food aversions or distorted body image?

Starch (bread, cereal, rice, and pasta) represents the foundation of a healthy eating plan, like the My Plate. My Plate has six food groups from which a person can make healthy food choices to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. It is recommended that adults consume 8 to 10 ounces each day from this group. Whole grain products are particularly recommended for fiber content. Grains supply vitamins and minerals, along with starch and some protein.