I have lost 90 pounds over the last year and now have lots of excess skin.

I have lost 90 lb. over the last year through strenuous exercise and low fat/ fat-free foods.

I am now faced with LOTS OF SKIN! The excess skin is predominately in my abdomen and buttocks area (my legs did not suffer, especially since my form of exercise was an hour on the stair climber every day).

Will this ever go away? Is there a particular vitamin or topical ointment I can use to expedite the matter? Do I need to start saving for surgery in the future?

My plan was to wait a year, focus more exercise in this area (argh) and see if it didn’t naturally correct itself.

What is your recommendation?

And thank you in advance for your time!

Congratulations on the weight loss and exercise program. I think your plan to exercise your abdomen and buttocks to reduce excess skin is sound.

There are no guarantees that excess skin will disappear after weight loss. There are no vitamins, topical ointments or creams that are effective. I think surgery would be a drastic way to go and you may have some scar tissue to deal with afterward.

Exercise is a good plan to tighten up the muscles underlying the skin. I would guess that since your legs were not affected that exercise might be helpful to areas that concern you. Talk to an exercise physiologist or trainer where you use the stair climber machine for suggestions of exercises for other body areas. A total exercise routine should include weight lifting and aerobic exercise for your whole body.