Is there a hypoglycemic diet which does not result in weight gain with moderate exercising?


Is there a proven hypoglycemic diet which does not result in weight gain with moderate exercising?

What hypoglycemic diet is recommended to achieve the most optimum insulin levels in the blood? If it’s different from the one above? What exercise plan is recommended for a severely hypoglycemic patient?

I’ve been controlling my severe hypoglycemic condition (diagnosed with a 6 hr Glucose Tolerance Test) with a low carbohydrate, high protein diet, and some exercising. Unfortunately, I’ve gained 12 pounds in a year. I’ve been exercising 2 times/week for 30-35 minutes each time. I’ve tried to increase my exercising several times and inevitably it results in the condition becoming significantly worse. I have to go on a very rigid hypoglycemic diet for several days to control it before returning to my routine diet. My doctor gave me the routine hypoglycemic diet. (She did mention at the time there might be better ones out there.) I’ve been following it for over a year with reasonably good results, except for the weight gain problem.

Thank you very much.

Weight gain on a hypoglycemic diet would result if you ate more calories than your body needed. Weight gain is not a usual occurrence. Your diet seems appropriate and not excessive except for the 1 cup of tuna at bedtime.

Exercise may increase your body weight due to muscle, which weighs more than fat. However, your exercise program doesn’t seem to indicate this is the reason unless you are only doing weight training. The biggest caution to exercise is preventing low blood sugar due to prolonged exercise without eating. It would be wise to have some protein snacks like cheese or a low-fat dairy product along.

The appropriate diet is a high protein (20% protein calories, low carbohydrate (at least 130 grams to prevent ketosis) moderate fat (30% fat calories) with 6 small meals per day.

I would suggest you see a Dietitian who could monitor your food intake and exercise program along with instances of low blood sugar. Maybe, a dietitian could see a pattern to your problem with low blood sugar.