I don’t want to do anything harmful because I had trouble with a low calorie diet.

Thanks so much for your prompt and detailed response regarding my question about a low carbohydrate diet. I very much appreciate your professional opinion because I don’t want to do anything harmful. Just so you know, when I said I “had trouble” with a low-calorie diet, I simply meant I had trouble staying on it because I felt hungry most of the time. Again, I appreciate your help very much.

You’re welcome. Did you try the Healthy Body Calculator®? It will calculate your Calorie Goal based on your personal weight goal including 1 to 2-pound weight loss or weight maintenance. Then if you want a personalized healthy eating plan on the calculator results page, click on the button “do you need a healthy eating plan” and your data will be transferred to HELP Healthy Eating For Life Plan®. You can enter your food preferences for the type of milk, meat, beans, and snacks.  There is a small food database linked to your eating plan from which you can create menus.

If you have trouble staying on a low-calorie eating plan like 1200, perhaps, you should try a slightly higher calorie level as that still will achieve slower weight loss. You may not lose as fast, but you may be more likely to stay on your weight loss plan. Also, remember to include exercise.