My wife and I are trying to lose weight. How much fat should be consumed in a day?

My wife and I are trying to lose weight. We are concerned about the amount of fat in our diet. What is the recommended amount of fat that should be consumed in a day? We are eating different amounts and would appreciate any information that you can provide. We are in the mid to late forties and obese.

The current recommended fat content is 30% of total calories per day. The new Food Facts label provides this as 65 grams for persons on a 2,000-calorie diet. The total fat listed on the new label will show the grams of fat per serving of the food and the percent Daily Value. In other words, what percent of the 65 grams recommended is supplied by one serving of the food in the package.

This recommendation covers weight loss, heart disease, and cancer. Some energetic persons have sought to lower this. Research has found when the fat content of the diet goes below 25% of total calories that binge eating is more likely and satiety (satisfaction after eating) decreases. More is not always better.