How about peanut butter on toast once a day for breakfast?


How about peanut butter once a day for breakfast on toast before going to work? It gives me great energy.

Weight 155 lbs., height 5’7″.

Peanut butter on toast is better than just plain toast or buttered toast and will keep you satisfied longer. Two tablespoons of peanut butter have the protein equivalent to an egg or 1 ounce of meat. Old-fashioned peanut butter would be better because it doesn’t have hydrogenated vegetable oil that is added to some brand name peanut butter. Read food labels for this ingredient. Peanut butter only needs peanuts with optional salt. The purpose of adding hydrogenated vegetable oil to peanut butter is it makes it easier to spread and keeps the peanut oil from separating out. If you keep the old fashioned type it in the refrigerator, the oil won’t separate out, but spreading is a little stiff. You may also have to periodically turn the jar upside down to keep the peanut oil evenly distributed. Some brands are homogenized unfortunately by adding a hydrogenated oil which I would not recommend.

Homogenized means breaking the fat particles up into small uniform pieces so they are unlikely to separate out. Milk and salad dressings are the most commonly homogenized food products otherwise cream or oil would float to the top of the bottle.

Peanut oil is a monounsaturated fat like olive oil and a very good type of fat to eat. Don’t know if anyone has measured trans fatty acids levels in hydrogenated vegetable oil food products other than margarine. The FDA is considering requiring the trans fatty acid content on food labels.

BTW, anything you would eat at breakfast would give you the energy to do work and the more you eat at breakfast (300 – 500 calories), will provide you with more energy aka calories which is the fuel your body runs on.