I am trying to get good abs and have excess skin. How can I get a washboard stomach?


I am trying to get good abs. Yet I find that I still have an excess of skin not fat. I’m 16 years old. My underlying muscles are strong, yet they don’t show through. How can I get that washboard stomach?


Basically, by exercising your abdominal muscles through weight lifting and reducing the overlying body fat thru aerobic exercise you will show more muscle definition. However, you do need a certain amount of fat to make testosterone.

Since you are 16, you will continue to grow until age 23 but should reach 90% of your adult height at age 18. So don’t drastically cut your diet which may interfere with your normal growth.

When people gain weight, their skin stretches. Unfortunately, skin does not shrink back. Perhaps as you grow in height, your excess skin will be stretched out over a larger frame?

Remember to exercise all of you. I would suggest you talk to your physical education teacher or if you belong to a health club, ask to talk to an exercise physiologist or trainer for personalized recommendations.