I dislike most vegetables and most calorie cutting menus suggest lots of vegetables.


I have a quick question and I am hoping that you may have a suggestion. I am 5 pounds over the “healthy weight” calculated by another website. However, based on how my body looks it is more like 10 to 15 pounds.

I will cut to the chase. I dislike most vegetables. I like corn, squash, lettuce, uncooked carrots, cucumbers, uncooked peppers and uncooked onions. That’s pretty much it. Most calorie cutting menus suggest lots of vegetables. I am looking for an alternative since although I will purchase the vegetables with every intention of eating them. I just never eat them! You may have guessed I am a big digger of bread and pasta! Any ideas?

At least the vegetables you chose are good sources of vitamin A, C, K and have some anti-cancer properties. You do need to broaden your vegetable preferences and you seem to like some vegetables raw rather than cooked. Most vegetables have a milder taste raw rather than cooked unless the vegetable needs to be cooked before eaten like corn and squash. Be adventurous and try a new veggie every couple of days. You may have to try new recipes that include different vegetables before you can try them plain. For instance, have you ever tried creamed spinach or spinach souffle? Both have the great nutrients found in spinach but softens the taste of plain spinach for first-time tasters. Toss some raw spinach leaves into a salad. Have you thought of juicing vegetables with some fruit?

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