My girlfriend says her doctor told her she had a high level of yeast in her system.

My girlfriend says her doctor told her she had a high level of yeast in her system. She says that has been normal for her. What would I like to know is what kind of food should I prepare for her to help keep her healthy?

We are both 50 years old and active. We are both salespeople and on the road a lot. She seems to have a hard time getting healthy meals during the week. On weekends, when we are usually together, I do most of the cooking. She feels she needs to stay away from pasta and bread. Thanks for your help.

If your girlfriend’s doctor thinks she has a yeast infection, he/she will treat it with anti-fungal medications. What do you mean by high levels of yeast in your girlfriend’s system? How was this measured?

Candida albicans commonly known as yeast is a fungus normally present sometimes on the skin and normally in the digestive tract. Yeast infections can occur in persons with suppressed immune systems and people undergoing chemotherapy. Often urinary tract infections (UTI) are caused by yeast that becomes pathological in the bladder or kidneys.

Living on the road is not always conducive to eating well, so here are a few tips for trying to make the journey healthier.

  • Pack healthy snacks for in the car, such as fruits, vegetables, or a trail mix made of your favorite dried fruits and nuts.
  • Try to choose meals at restaurants that are on the “lighter side” of the menu.
  • When stopping for a coffee or soda on the road, pick up a bottle of water as well.

There is no causal relationship between eating bread and more yeast in your body. Pasta doesn’t have yeast as an ingredient so I don’t know why your girlfriend grouped it with bread. Why not rice which has the same amount of carbohydrate as pasta?

Carbohydrates and fiber in particular feed the normal bacteria in your large intestines. Since your girlfriend is staying away from them, I am concerned that she is not eating enough carbohydrate to maintain her energy needs. Fifty to 60 percent of a person’s calories should come from carbohydrate. I encourage you to include bread and pasta in your cooking and meals.