I am wondering if you have a diet for cleansing?

I was wondering if you have diet plans for a cleansing diet. I am looking for one that lasts no more than a week or a few days. I am aware of the health risks concerning a long-term diet plan but am looking for a short-term plan. Thanks for your help.

Cleanse diets have become popular. However, your liver and kidney are designed to remove toxins from the body. Your intestines very aptly remove waste. I would suggest you keep your liver healthy by not eating fatty foods or an excess of alcohol (maximum 1 drink/day for women and 2 drinks/day for men). Keep your kidneys healthy by drinking enough water so that your urine is light yellow during waking hours and don’t eat excessive amounts of protein.

Or by a cleansing diet, do you mean a fast? I would not recommend fasting and it does not cleanse your body. In fact, toxins in your body increase in your blood during a fast because your body processes toxins in your liver and PCBs are stored in body fat. Heavy metals like mercury are another possible toxin that would increase in blood. Besides, fasting will greatly reduce the amount of stool you produce and that doesn’t sound like what you want to achieve.