What is the most effective way of removing the stones and still saving the gallbladder?

Thank you for your “Q&A” section. I have learned a lot. My question is this: the most common cure for stones seems to be the removal of the organ yet I must wonder if the organ was created in us that there must be a good reason for it (we don’t remove tonsils in serious cases anymore). Therefore is it not worth saving and if so what is the most effective way of removing the stones and still saving the bladder? Drug therapy? Electric pulverization?

It would be up to your doctor/surgeon to decide whether or not to remove your gallbladder, break up the stones with sound waves or try drugs to dissolve the stones. I cannot comment on which would be appropriate as it would depend on your symptoms, age and the best option would be up to your doctor.

As to your comments about a gall bladder having a good reason for being, you have a good point. Remember though that the basic design for the human body is thousands of years old and cave people’s diets were much different than ours especially in fiber content. Our bodies in terms of organs haven’t changed that much other than the appendix is much smaller and non-functional. Also, cave people had many more teeth than we do and because of wisdom teeth extractions and orthodontics, we have many fewer teeth than our ancestors, but they are in much better condition because of fluoridated water, toothpaste, and preventive dentistry. But I digress.

The gallbladder is a storage vessel for bile that is produced in the liver. Unfortunately, stones sometimes grow inside the gallbladder or get stuck in the duct (Common Duct) that flows from the gallbladder to the intestines. You can have your gallbladder removed because of stones or chronic inflammation and probably do as well or even better without it.