He has a broken nose, cheekbones and stitches in his upper lip. His palate hurts when he swallows.

Thanks so much for the speedy reply. Great suggestions!

His jaw isn’t wired, but he has a broken nose, cheekbones, and stitches in his upper lip. He says that his palate hurts when he swallows, which the doc says will go away when the swelling goes down. Also, he can’t close his jaw completely also due to the swelling. He can’t use a straw (his choice) and he also feels like a gimp (his term) because he can’t get a spoon fully in his mouth. I’ll be so happy when he’s fully recovered. His face was so swollen at first he looked like the elephant man.

I have a food processor and a blender so maybe it won’t be so hard after all giving him soft/drinkable family food. Again, thanks and have a wonderful holiday.

You’re welcome. His broken nose may interfere with his sense of smelling foods which along with taste buds may affect his appetite and sense of taste. Soft, blended or liquid foods will be gentler to swallow. Ground foods may be a good option so he doesn’t have to chew considering his jaw closure. Wouldn’t want him to choke on large pieces of under chewed food either. Until the stitches in his lip are removed, he should be careful when eating tart foods like oranges, grapefruits and tomato products. Has he tried a baby sized spoon?