I have a horrible metallic feel, not taste in my mouth.


I have a horrible metallic “feel”, not really a taste in my mouth. I went to my doctor and he said I need all my fillings out because of a leakage that can cause a problem with the “electrical” system in my body and possibly lead to cancer later.

I went to my dentist and he indeed said there could be an electrical something going on due to a crack in a filling. He found no cracks in my fillings and told me to get toothpaste for sensitive teeth. He did say that might help the electrical thing bouncing around between my teeth and the different metals that have been used over the years.

There are certain days it’s worse and bothers me “mentally” because it’s so constant. I really notice it if an electrical storm is approaching and at 6,000 feet. We do have those often. I notice it also more frequently in the bathroom while running the hot water in the sink, if I use certain hand lotions on my body and other things.

I have a neck injury due to a car accident where a woman ran a red light and caused my head to hit the driver’s side of the window. I’m bringing this up because on bad days when my neck bones seem to “scrape” a lot I really feel that metallic feeling.

Please don’t think I’m a mental case or making this up. Many professional people say it can happen, however don’t know exactly what the cause is let alone how to treat it. I don’t want to talk to strangers over the Internet because I’m sure I’d get a lot of “weird” suggestions. I’m not into that, although my symptoms may sound “weird”. Do you have any suggestions?

I’m sorry I took so much space, but I don’t know how to explain this otherwise. Thank you.

A metallic taste in your mouth can come from a deficiency of magnesium, zinc or other trace minerals. Are you taking any supplements with iron (ferrous), copper or zinc sulfate which can cause a metallic taste? Do you use any artificial sweeteners which can cause a bitter or metallic aftertaste?

Before you change your supplement use, you should really find the cause of the problem. Make an appointment with an ear, nose and throat (ENT) doctor.

Did you notice the metallic feeling in your mouth shortly after your car accident? Could there be a relationship between the two? Ask your doctor to investigate.

Medications can also cause a metallic taste in your mouth. Please review with your doctor all prescribed and over the counter medications as well as supplements (vitamin, mineral and herbal) you take. I found one article about a patient in Canada who experienced a metallic taste after a botulinum toxin A injection for wrinkles which went away with additional treatments. So make sure you tell your doctor everything so he / she can best diagnose your symptoms. Do you work near an MRI scanner? Have you had any radiation treatments for cancer to the head or neck area?

Have you tried toothpaste for sensitive teeth as recommended by your dentist? Many people have replaced the amalgam (silver) dental fillings for composite resin fillings (white) because amalgam fillings contain mercury. However there has been no research to conclusively link mercury containing amalgam fillings with any specific disease resulting in public health recommendations to remove amalgam fillings.