A local club is advertising they have a dietitian. The individual only has a certification in a weight loss program.

There is a local health club, advertising and verbally reporting that they have a dietitian. When specifically asked if the person was an RD, the answer was yes. With further investigation, the only background the individual has is a certification in apex weight loss program. How do we expose this club for false advertisement, as well as possible putting individuals in medical jeopardy? This advertisement needs to stop ASAP. Thanks for your help.

At the health club can ask what the person’s registration number is and check it online at the Commission on Dietetic Registration. If the person is presenting themselves as a registered dietitian and they are not, I would highly recommend you contact the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics at 312-899-0040.

Further, depending on the state where you live, dietitians may be licensed. What that means is people who provide nutrition or dietetic services must be licensed in order to call themselves a dietitian. I would recommend you contact the state licensure board in your state which can be found at the Commission on Dietetic Registration and they could guide you further