I want a career as a zoo animal dietitian. What would my major be?

I am currently a senior in high school and am interested in pursuing a career to be an animal dietitian. My ideal working place is in a zoo composing the diets of the animals that live there and researching what different nutrients do for the health of the captive animals. What courses should I look to take in college? What would my major be called if I chose to pursue this career? This is MUCH appreciated. Our school counselor doesn’t know diddly squat!

I would suggest you look into becoming a veterinarian, as I don’t know diddley about animal nutrition other than the rats and chicks I worked with doing research or pet dogs and cats I have had. GI tracts differ greatly among species as well as among birds, fish, and large mammals.

Start looking at the Animal Science home page of the University of Minnesota. Perhaps you can find an email link to write a teacher there and ask about major, courses, etc.

Good luck. Sounds like a fun career.