How many calories should I eat for my height and size in order to lose weight?

With so many so-called experts out there with such a variety of diets and nutrition theories, I’m overwhelmed. So, I’m going back to the basics. I’m charting my calorie intake and trying to eat sensibly in attempting to lose a few pounds. I’m wondering, however, how many calories I should be consuming a day for my height and size in order to lose some weight?

Do you have a chart that gives a calorie breakdown by male/female, height, etc.? I am female, 5 feet 3 inches, small frame, but struggling with the mid-section. A nurse told me about a body mass chart, but I need a calorie chart to know where I stand. I am exercising, too!

Try my Healthy Body Calculator®. You can set your own weight goals and find out for yourself how many calories you should eat. It will provide you with a Calorie Goal and you can choose to lose 1 to 2-pounds per week.

BTW, body frame is not used in current height, weight charts as the subjects for determining that were a small group of cadavers.