I have been suffering of anorexia for as long as I can remember.

I have been suffering from anorexia for as long as I can remember. I spent 9 weeks in Renfrew and about 2 years going to a Registered Dietitian. I fear to put food in my mouth for I am afraid that it will turn to fat. I also see two therapists each week and doctor every 2 weeks. I have all the outside support, but I have nothing in me. Most of my friends see a happy person but inside I am dying. Yes, I have tried to kill myself 3 times. What I am looking for is magic words that will jump-start this brain. The therapists talk, but I have stopped listening. The requests are getting deeper into my brain. If you can please pass on some advice maybe I will listen.

Your email moved me with concern for your life. I don’t have any magic words unfortunately to give you. You have the power within yourself to heal.

Food doesn’t turn to fat when you eat it and when you gain weight, it isn’t all fat either. Food is nourishment and you need to nourish your body. Equate this with loving yourself. If you have nothing in you, then take a look at the people who do love you and want to see you healthy. Trust them that they have your best interests at heart and do what they say until you get healthier. Your brain will come along, but you need to gain weight for this to happen. May sound kinda funny, but you are not thinking healthy right now because of anorexia.

Others have done it and so can you, but you have to take the steps, one at a time, each day, one day at a time. Eat, nourish yourself, love yourself, will get you healthy.

Please continue to see your therapist, doctor, and dietitian.  They are your guides to a healthier future.