I play year round premier soccer and am gaining weight, but I have no clue where it’s going.


Please Please Please answer this question. I’m 16-year-old female 5 feet 7 inches and 155 pounds. I play year-round premier soccer, high school soccer, I’m currently weight lifting and I jog. I wear the same clothes I wore at 140 pounds and my clothes fit exactly the same or better. Only I seem to still be gaining weight, but I have no clue where it’s going. It’s really depressing.

I’m not going to have an eating problem or anything, but I really, really want to know if I’m eating too much and why I’m gaining weight and where it’s going etc. I’m very active as you can see above and track starts next week. Please respond.

Considering your exercise routine, you are probably putting on muscle. I would bet at 155 that you have lost inches from your ankles to your neck compared to when you weighed 140. To make you feel better, you could have your body fat tested by a Registered Dietitian or an exercise physiologist. If your body fat is lean for your age (normal is 17 to 27 for your age so lean would be less than 17% body fat), then regular weight charts would be way off and inappropriate for you.

Think about this. Go to a grocery store and pick up three 5 pound sacks of sugar or flour. Now imagine that much volume physically distributed on your body from your knees to your neck. How could you be gaining fat when you have gained 15 pounds and your clothes still fit the same or better? You probably added 15 pounds of muscle!

I can’t tell you if you are eating too much, but if you eat 3 meals a day with a variety of food (meat, milk, fruit, vegetable, and grains with a little healthy fat), relax. Take a look at some pictures of female Olympic track stars. They have huge legs to run on. They aren’t skinny minnies! They are strong, healthy women.