My friend has low thyroid hormone and is looking to get Proloid from Chile.

My friend Dolores who suffers from hypothyroidism is looking to either get someone to make her old formula (Proloid) or try to obtain it from Chile! It was the only formula that worked for her. It was a natural thyroglobulin and we have been trying for a very long time to get this. She was on it 30 years and had no health problems. Our research tells us from the prestigious Dr. Broda Barnes that no nutritional supplement (herbs, vitamins) will work because you need the hormone (thyroxin) after you have gone many years without it! ALL American thyroid medicines are useless!! Maybe you can help direct us to someone who could either make this for us or import it from Chile!! And yes, I have spoken with the FDA and it is O.K. to get this for personal use.

I do not know of any source of naturally derived thyroxin. Why don’t you contact the drug company that formerly made it? My knowledge base is limited to drug-nutrient interactions. And yes, your friend will have to take thyroid hormone for life. And no, there is no nutritional supplement, herb or vitamin that will substitute.

FYI Thyroxin, made by the thyroid gland at the base of your neck regulates the human metabolic rate. If your body makes insufficient thyroxin, you gain weight. If your body makes too much, you lose weight and typically such person’s eyes bulge from the eye socket.