I am paying attention to what I eat especially the amount and type of fat in my diet.

I’ve always been active and in good shape, but now that I’m getting older (42 yr.-old male), it’s tougher to keep the weight off. Therefore, I am trying to pay closer attention to what I eat, especially the amounts and types of fat in my diet, but it’s still very hard to tell how much I’m eating over the course of the day. Is there some way that I can measure how much fat I am eating?

There are several ways that you can measure how much fat you are eating. First, though, you have to write down everything you eat or drink before you start. Remember to write down the name of foods, how they are prepared and approximately how much you ate including the quantity and measure i.e. 1 1/2 cups of boiled white rice.

The first option, you can keep track of fat grams on food labels, but the problem is that some basic foods like fruits, vegetables, and meats as well as deli items and restaurant foods don’t have food labels.

The second option, you can send your food records to Registered Dietitian who will analyze your food records for you. A dietitian’s report would show you how much and what kind of fat you eat. They can analyze the amounts of individual fatty acids! If you’ve heard the good news about olive oil, a dietitian can show you the amounts and ratio of monounsaturated fatty acids along with saturated and polyunsaturated fats. Armed with their analyses, you can keep track of the fat in the foods you eat and make healthier food choices.

The third option, you can buy nutrition analysis software and do the analysis yourself.