I am trying to find out my son’s percentiles for weight and height.

Congratulations on a very useful site. I am trying to find out exactly my son’s percentiles for weight and height before I seek a specialist’s help. I have not been able to locate such tables in any place on the web, not even in the CDC site. Your tables are the closest I got, but without data for birth weight/height (5, 50 and 95 percentiles) growth rates alone are rather limited. I would really appreciate it if you could point me in the right direction.

Growth charts for U.S. children are available at the National Center for Health Statistics. Choose the gender (male or female) and age range (birth to 36 months) or (2 to 20 years) you need. Then plot your son’s height and weight at various ages to view his growth over time. Growth charts from the World Health Organization are available for children 5 to 19 years.

The Healthy Kid Calculator® will calculate your son’s growth percentiles for height and weight at any age. Just click on the link in the upper left corner of any webpage and add your son’s physical measurements at any age.