My husband & I are trying to conceive and read that B6 vitamin can help increase cervical mucus. Is this true?


My question is regarding the B6 Vitamin. My husband & I are trying to conceive. I’m looking for the “natural” signs prior to ovulation. I read that the B6 vitamin if taking approximately 200 milligrams per day can help increase the cervical mucus. Is this true?

Thanks in advance!!

Intakes of pyridoxine above 100 milligrams for an extended time can result in neurological damage. I would suggest you read my vitamin B6 topic. I would not suggest you take more than 100% of the RDA for pyridoxine especially if you are trying to become pregnant.

As to mucus secretion, it is produced during ovulation and many women using the ovulation method look for this mucus as an indication of ovulation. There are other methods to determine when you are ovulating and I would highly recommend you talk to your doctor.

There are other measures you can take like your husband should wear loose underwear like boxers as testicles prefer to be at a temperature lower than 98.6 degrees. Talk to your doctor about other actions you can take to increase your and your husband’s fertility.