I have written several books on the subject of vegetarians.

I’ve read your statements on protein and vegetarians. Without trying to offend you, you should know the scientific literature doesn’t support your position. I have written several books on the subject. If you were not already familiar with them, I would suggest you read The McDougall Plan (New Win)–found in most bookstores and libraries. I reviewed 80 years of basic research before writing this book. The facts in it remain unchallenged. After reading this material and the basic research, if you still hold your position on these two subjects I would like to know why (with appropriate citations).
Thanks for writing. No offense taken. Please be specific about which position you feel I have taken that is in conflict with current published research so that I can respond specifically. I have re-read the Vegetarian Topic and do not know of any conflict based on the references I have. In addition, Ask the Dietitian® is a service for consumers and is based on current nutrition practice. Therefore, citations are not provided.