Are veggie chips actually healthy ?

Are veggie chips actually healthy?

If you define healthy as fried chips, then no because of the added fat. However some veggie chips are baked, but then so are some potato chips so maybe if they fit in your healthy eating plan. The difference is veggie chips may be starchy like sweet potatoes which is like regular potatoes or non-starchy veggies like kale or carrot chips.

The second issue is salt.  Most chips are salted and depending on the salt (sodium chloride) content of the other foods you eat at the same meal, chips may add too much sodium as a food choice.

Lastly, many people have a difficult time limiting chips to 1 serving as listed on the package. So chips could contribute to weight gain if eaten to excess. I would not recommend making veggie chips your go-to vegetable choice. Eating baked veggie chips occasionally like a couple times a month and sticking to 1 serving would be a moderate food choice.