I have morning sickness and am two months pregnant. What do I eat to get rid of this nausea?

I have morning sickness and am only about two months pregnant. This is my first pregnancy and I don’t know what to eat to get rid of this nausea. What should I eat?

Morning sickness does cause nausea and vomiting. It does not always occur in the morning however and may last the entire pregnancy. Most women only have morning sickness from about week 10 to week 16 during their pregnancy. The cause of morning sickness is not known and food tolerance varies from individual to individual.

If you get nauseated in the morning, try keeping some salted crackers by your bedside. Eat three to six crackers before you get up. Having some dry food in your stomach may help decrease nausea.

You can also try eating your meals without liquids and drink the liquids about two hours after a meal. This is called a dry diet. Having solids and liquids moving around in their stomach together nauseates some people.

You should discuss your nausea and vomiting with your doctor. If the vomiting continues, you could become dehydrated which could affect your pregnancy.