I have been getting dark bruise-like scaring of the skin.

I was interested because I have a question about a skin condition I am experiencing. I have seen a dermatologist for this problem, but I was told there is nothing I can do for the existing areas. But, the dermatologist said I could prevent future scarring by the constant use of sunscreens.

I am female, 38, olive complexion, living in Southern California. I have abused the sun throughout my entire life. Grew up in a beach city, never used protection (sunscreens), went out of my way to fry!!!!! Over the last year, I have been getting dark bruise-like scarring of the skin. They are not bruises. They may be nothing more than a spot where pressure has been applied for a long time, i.e. (at the cuff of my rollerblades). Or if I get a very minor injury or scrape, it will leave a permanent dark area on the skin, that almost has an entirely different texture, smoother and shiny next to the normal skin.

The dermatologist said it was sun damage and that sometimes they will fade over long periods of time. He also suggested that “if I was vain enough” there were fading creams or lotions that may help. Well, the truth is, I am vain enough and do care that my body is not covered with unsightly dark patches.

Are you familiar with this kind of thing? Are there any dietary additions I could make to improve the quality of my skin? Do you agree with fading creams? Any suggestion that you could make would be greatly appreciated!

The cells that form your skin, as well as the cells that line your mouth to your anus, are epithelial cells. The health of these cells is dependent on several vitamins. A deficiency of vitamin A will cause dry skin and rashes. A deficiency of niacin (Vitamin B3) can cause a skin rash on areas exposed to the sun, but you would also notice a lot of swelling in your legs from the knee on down as well as a painful flush and rash all over the skin. A deficiency of vitamin C can cause easy bruising or blotchy bruising. First I would suggest you include foods rich in Vitamin A, Niacin, and Vitamin C. If you think your food intake could be less than the Recommended Dietary Allowances, you could take a multivitamin supplement that has 100% of the RDA for these vitamins.

I would suggest you consider to your dermatologist regarding fading creams if the blotches on your skin concern you.