I did not choose to be a vegetarian. How did my body start rejecting animal products?


Hi. Thank you for your website. The information is quite valuable. I am a hypnotherapist and I have a link to you on my website for my weight-loss clients.

I don’t know if you have run across many vegetarians like me, but I did not choose to be a vegetarian. Several years ago my body just began to reject animal products. I am really pleased that research is being done on the health aspects of vegetarian diets because that has been of concern to me. The only problem I’ve really noticed has been incidents of herpes outbreaks on my lips. I find that taking lysine supplementation has taken care of that. I also wanted to let you know that petroleum jelly has made a big difference in the strength of my fingernails.

How did your body start rejecting animal products? What were your symptoms? I would recommend you discuss your symptoms with your doctor.

Allergies occur to a specific protein found in animal products (milk casein, egg albumin) or an intolerance to the lactose in milk which is a carbohydrate but I have not found references for a person’s body rejecting animal products as a whole.

L-lysine is supposed to reduce herpes on the lips. Once you have cold sores though, there is no cure and they will reoccur.

Petroleum jelly will block pores and add moisture whether or not you put it on your skin, lips, nails or even hair. Any moisturizer that prevents dryness will help prevent nails from breaking.