I have a skin rash on the back of my neck and am wondering if I have an allergy to the food I eat or my cat?


For the past year, I have had a skin rash that appears only on the back of my neck and the right cheek of my face and around the edge of my right eye. I am a 49-year-old single male and I do eat a lot of things such as pizza and Chinese food. I also have a cat. I am wondering if I have developed an allergy to some of the food I eat or (God Forbid!!) my cat. How can I tell if this is the case? The rash will disappear in two or three days and then mysteriously returns. It never appears on any other part of my body, only my neck, and right face. I have no medical training, but just logical thinking leads me to believe it is diet related. Do people develop allergies as they get older?

I have never had any allergies in the past and could eat anything without any adverse reaction. Also, I would never have an adverse reaction to the cat I have now or the one I had before. I am baffled!! Can you possibly shed any light on my situation?

I would suggest you see a doctor who has a special certification in Dermatology or Allergy for a diagnosis and treatment. Could be environmental (topical – contact with skin) allergic reaction to including your cat or shampoo.

In the meantime, write down what you eat and any topical products that you use anywhere near your head. Write down where and what the rash looks like when it appears. This journal would be helpful to the doctor you see.

People can develop allergies at any age. It doesn’t sound like a food-related allergy. Allergies to MSG and sulfites usually do not manifest as a skin reaction. Other foods can cause an allergic reaction, which can appear externally on the skin as a rash or internally on the tongue or throat. If you develop a rash on your tongue or throat, go to the nearest emergency room.