How much salt is in softened water?


Do you have any idea how much salt is in softened water? We recently had a water softener installed in our house. After watching my husband pour those 40-pound bags of salt in the tank, I began wondering how much salt we are getting in our drinking and cooking water.

Softened water is about ten times higher in sodium than unsoftened water. According to the results of a water test performed locally at a hospital by a national water softening company. Untreated water had 13.3 milligrams of sodium per liter and softened water had 114 milligrams of sodium per liter. Though this amount is not too high, researchers have found that hard water is more beneficial for your heart.

The magnesium and calcium content is higher in hard water areas. Whereas, the content of these two minerals is low in soft water areas. The incidence of heart attacks is higher in soft water areas.

So if your water is too hard on your household plumbing and you install a water softener, I would suggest that you bypass the cold water faucet in the kitchen. Use this hard, unsoftened water for all drinking and cooking. It may be much better for your body’s plumbing.