I have gas all the time. Do you have any suggestions for this?


I have gas all the time. No matter what or when I eat. This is very sad and very embarrassing (at work, church, with friends). Do you have any suggestions for this problem?

I do not want people to start calling me “ms odor but”. Please reply. Thanks.

You do not say if you are burping gas via your mouth or passing gas via your rectum. Please discuss this gas problem with your doctor. So you will have to choose which answer fits your problem.

If you have a problem with burping, you may be eating too fast and swallowing air. Slow down eating, chew each mouthful at least 10 times. Don’t talk with food in your mouth as you need air from your lungs to talk and maybe swallowing air if you are chewing at the same time. This practice also increases the risk of choking on food. Don’t drink carbonated beverages (soda or beer) with meals as those bubbles probably add to your burping. Stop eating when you are full. If you overeat, you are more likely to burp which in some cultures is considered a required complement to the host after a meal, but in other cultures is considered rude.

If you have a problem with passing intestinal gas, it may be caused by several factors. Gas-forming foods are broccoli, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, cabbage and cooked dried beans. Carbonated beverages especially beer are also gas formers. Often constipation can increase intestinal gas. (Constipated stool looks like irregular round pellets of stool stuck together.) You may want to increase the fiber content in your meals to relieve any constipation you may experience. Certain types of fiber can also cause gas like the above-mentioned vegetables and beans. Fiber found in whole cereal grains, fresh vegetables (other than above-listed gas formers) and fresh fruits are less likely to cause gas. Remember that some fiber (whole cereal grains) absorbs water from the stomach and intestines as it passes through undigested, so make sure you drink 8 glasses of water per day.

Hope this helps.