What is your day as a dietitian like? What do you do specifically?


This is great that I can email you and ask your opinion! I am a 19-year-old student and am finishing up my last year of high school before going into university. I originally wanted to take Applied Health and Nutrition (I am in Canada) and now I have chosen to go into nursing instead so that I will have a broader base. Anyhow, one of the reasons I chose to change programs is because I have an eating disorder (last year I was severely anorexic, but am doing well now!) and am somewhat afraid that the business will only push me into that focus again. However, another reason was that I understand that the course is very rigorous in math (is this so?) and biochemistry. Is there a lot of theory to do? Pure chemistry and biology?

Also, I was wondering what your day as a dietician is like and what it is that you do specifically. Thank you very much.

Congratulations on doing well post anorexia. You can continue to eat and live healthily!

You are correct in that dietetics attracts people with eating disorders, but unless you go into food service, you wouldn’t be around food. You would be talking about food. However, the vast majority of dietitians like food and especially chocolate since we are 97% white females. Have you visited the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics career center to learn about educational requirements?

Your choice of nursing may provide a stronger salary with increasing experience than dietetics. The Academy periodically does salary surveys of members and clinical dietitians with over 20 years of experience make $65,500 per year in the last survey. Many nurses are unionized in the US states and command a higher salary.

I don’t think you will find less science in a nursing (Bachelor of Science) degree than dietetics. Yes, there is a lot of chemistry in dietetics, but not necessarily math. There is a lot of biology, anatomy, and physiology in nursing. I would recommend you talk to a professor in the nursing department where you want to go to school and ask about specific courses that are required for graduation.

As to what I do, I work at a computer all day long as my company provides nutrition content and data to clients. I also test software programs that I design. FYI, Ask the Dietitian is a website that I maintain. I am energized by working with people and providing nutrition info/tools to improve health.