I have a pain in my stomach after I eat and need to burp a few hours afterwards.

I have pain in my stomach after I eat. I also feel the need to burp for a few hours after a meal. I went to see my doctor and he gave me some acid pills to take. Why do I need them?

Persons with hypohydrochloria (lesser amount of acid) or ahydrochloria (no acid), will experience an intolerance to some foods because they lack enough acid to chemically digest their food. Also, persons lacking acid may experience symptoms similar to ulcers or gallbladder disease. Common symptoms are heartburn or a pain at the bottom of your breastbone. Persons with ahydrochloria have the opposite problem a person with ulcers has, too little acid.

The acid pills your doctor prescribed will help you digest your food and you will notice an improvement in the way you feel after meals. If the pain continues, by all means, go see your doctor.