Is Psyllium Seed (in Metamucil) made of seaweed?

Is Psyllium Seed (in Metamucil) made of seaweed? If yes can it contain large amounts of iodine that may aggravate hypothyroidism (low thyroid hormones)?

Psyllium seeds are soluble and insoluble sources of fiber from a plant (plantago ovata), not seaweed and to the best of my knowledge do not contain iodine. I could not find a nutritional analysis of psyllium husks.

Psyllium adds bulk to stool and helps hold more water in the stool to prevent hard, constipated stools. It is a grain primarily grown in India (85% of world production), the Mediterranean and North Africa. Psyllium is best known for its ability to maintain regular bowel movements. It also helps to lower cholesterol and aid the digestive process. A study conducted at the University of Minnesota on psyllium and the reduction of cholesterol. The psyllium(25 grams daily) caused a reduce heart disease and cholesterol levels, as much as 15%, in the men tested.