I start an exercise program, stick to it for 2 months, see results, but want more.

For the most part, I am an active person. I switch back and forth from aerobics, walking, running, dance, weightlifting, and swimming.
The problems I have run into this summer were poor air quality, that caused breathing problems, sore hips or knees and feet after walking or running and lack of motivation. I always start an exercise program, stick to it for about 2 months, see results, but want more and end up injuring myself. I really like to exercise, but it often gets boring and I don’t have the resources to try something new.
Also, would a regular practitioner be able to help with breathing problems? I had asthma as a little girl but grew out of it. A friend suggested that I might have exercise-induced asthma.

Time to see your doctor regarding the breathing problems and sore joints. A physical therapist would be helpful in designing an exercise program that meets your needs.

The old adage “No Pain – No Gain” is bad advice. Exercise is not supposed to hurt. When it does you may have caused damage. Weight-bearing joints like hips, knees, and ankles are particularly susceptible to the effects of pounding exercise like running. Have you considered swimming or water-based exercises that would not cause wear and tear on your weight-bearing joints?