Could you please send information for a woman who has recently had stomach surgery and a diet requiring only soft, non-fibrous foods?

Could you please send nutritional information for a woman in her 70’s who has recently had stomach surgery and has been placed on a diet requiring “only soft, nonfibrous foods”? Thank you

You can check the calories and nutrients for yourself on the Healthy Body Calculator®. Click on the calculator link in the upper left then put in your data and the program will calculate your nutrient needs.

Since surgery is recent, I would suggest you contact the dietitian at the hospital where you had surgery. Recommended foods depend on what surgery was performed i.e. part removed (resection) or bypass (overweight) or enlarged the opening to esophagus/intestines.

A soft eating plan omits all fresh fruits and vegetables (vegetable salads), but canned or cooked variations are OK. Fresh bananas are also OK as an exception to the no fresh fruits. Also omitted are whole cereal grains and gas producing foods. Food is not mushy or pureed though. Would recommend you contact the hospital dietitian for nutrition therapy specific for your surgical healing.