Candida does exist and will continue to exist.


It is pathetic and unfortunate that a doctor of your claimed stature instantly diagnoses people over the internet who have valid nutritional deficient diseases. Your intentions, I am sure are humane, yet you (as all your “medical science” brethren do) erroneously lump individual nutritional problems into easy “scientific” categories. Candida does exist and will continue to exist as long as “doctors” like yourself refuse to open your mind and leave the Dark Ages of Medicine.

Sugar, thanks to a lack of attention, has infiltrated every can, package, and container of our food supply. IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) is not going away, it is not easing up, nor is medical science curing it. If that was the case, then our nation would have happier bowels, less obesity and spend less time at the doctor’s office. Unfortunately, the medical “profession” has turned its back on new ideas and is prescribing everyone with supplements and “cures” with SUGAR in them! Great Job.

Sorry I disagree with your assessment based on current nutrition research and practice. Sugar is not the big bad enemy to our health. Nor is there one simple gunshot solution to our health problems including obesity.

Candida does exist in thrush, a mouth/throat infection that persons with cancer often get after chemo or radiation. Candida does also exist in the vagina or on the penis which can be easily cured with over the counter anti-fungal medications. Candida is also part of the normal flora in our intestinal tract. Beyond that, people don’t have candida running rampant in their gut though there is a lot of good healthy bacteria there.

BTW, I am not a doctor, but a registered and licensed dietitian. I don’t instantly diagnose people over the Internet, but provide sound nutrition advice and encourage people to see their personal physician or a dietitian for care.