How do you exchange soup in the exchange list?

How do you exchange soup with the Exchange List? I cannot find it listed in my booklet. I make both canned and homemade soup for my husband who is a diabetic.

Most canned soups can be exchanged as follows: one cup reconstituted broth soups equals one starch; one cup reconstituted cream type soups equals one starch and one fat. Some soup companies do provide exchanges for each of their soups on labels.

If you are serving homemade broth soup as an accompaniment to a meal, serve 1/2 cup of solids and 1/2 cup of broth. (Hint: First measure the amount one soup ladle or serving spoon holds. Then you will know how many ladles equal � cup.) If your soup has potato, rice, noodles, dried beans or starchy vegetables such as corn or peas, exchange 1 cup serving (solids and broth) as one starch.

If instead, you serve a hearty soup as a meal, make sure your soup has meat or poultry chunks, potato, rice, noodles or dried beans and vegetables. A serving could be 2 cups of solids and some added broth (one-half to one cup). Exchange this serving as two meat exchanges, two starch, one vegetable and 0 to 3 fats.

Remember to skim the fat off the soup before serving. If you make the soup a day ahead and refrigerate it overnight, the fat rises to the surface and hardens on top. Use a spoon or one of the new fat attracting mops to skim the fat off your hot soup. Bon Appetit!