I had breast cancer and was told that not having colds could be sign of weakened immune system.


I have recently had breast cancer treated with surgery, radiation and now with vitamin and herbal supplements to strengthen my immune system. I have been told that not having colds could be a sign of a weakened immune system. I have had about two colds in the last five years. If this is true, how does the cold virus affect the body if it is not manifested as a cold?

I am puzzled; I would have thought the absence of colds suggested a strong immune system. I look forward to your reply. With thanks.

A virus causes the common cold which is most often spread by touching objects shortly after a person with a cold touches them. Cold viruses can live on your hands for 2 minutes. Frequent hand washing is recommended to reduce a person’s exposure to cold viruses especially when touching your nose and mouth or after touching door handles or surfaces touched by a person with a cold.

I would suggest you discuss the relationship between the cold virus, the frequency of colds and your immune system with your doctor. Talk to your doctor about vitamin supplements are you taking. Your T-cells and total lymphocyte count best reflect your immune system capability. Have you asked your doctor to assess your immune system before you started trying to strengthen it?