Do you know if it is safe for patients to eat raw Eggbeaters?

Hi, I am a dietetic intern at the Albert Einstein Medical Center. I am in the process of developing a recipe booklet containing increased calories and protein foods for people with cancer. I found a recipe for a milkshake using Eggbeaters for added nutrition. Do you know if it is safe for these patients to be eating raw Eggbeaters even if they are pasteurized? Thanks for your help!
If Eggbeater’s package says the raw egg whites are pasteurized, they should be safe except for very immune deficient patients. Interestingly you chose Eggbeaters since they contain egg whites where most of the protein in egg is located. Egg yolks are mostly fat on the other hand. I have always liked adding pasteurized eggs to malts and milkshakes for patients to give them the extra protein. You can’t taste the raw egg either.