Does aspartame cause headaches?


Does aspartame cause headaches? I think I get migraines from aspartame. I was on vacation in Jamaica over Spring break and I didn’t have any migraine headaches. The only thing different that I noticed was the pop had saccharin in it instead. I do drink several cans of diet pop a day.

Try eliminating all foods that contain aspartame for 1 month. Document on paper any headaches with date and time. Also, document when your menstrual cycle starts and ends. Hormone levels can cause fluctuations in not only headaches but other physical reactions too. Reintroduce 1 aspartame-containing food every 3 days. Continue to document every headache so you can compare headache frequency and whether or not it increases with eating foods with aspartame. Share your documentation with your doctor.

Since you were on vacation, your absence of migraines may have been due to the lack of stress in your life. With the variety of foods and beverages a person eats during a day, it is very difficult to pinpoint 1 specific food as the causative agent. Try the above elimination plan to see if aspartame is really the cause.

The Center for Disease Control in Atlanta did some studies of physical complaints and the use of aspartame. After extensive interviews with those persons having complaints, found no clear-cut relationship between physical complaints and ingestion of aspartame. Contact CDC if you think there is a relationship between aspartame and your headaches.