Have you had an opportunity to check out Ideal Health?

Have you had an opportunity to check out Ideal Health? Also, feel free to contact me via this email account. I look forward to hearing from you.

Boy and I thought I had read everything!

First, any company that sells supplements is usually not a provider of accurate nutrition info. Typically these companies want to conclude you are deficient in many nutrients so they can sell you their supplements. Surprise, no one tested is getting 100% of every nutrient they need. Amazing that the human race made it to the 21st century without supplements!

Second, what can their metabolic lab tell from your urine? There are very few labs in the country that test urine for nutrients. So does this company decide to supplement a person just because it does or doesn’t show up in the person’s urine? Your body excretes excess vitamins and minerals in your urine as well as waste products, but what has excreted changes on a day to day basis. The urine specimen people send in would only be a snapshot in time which could be very different on the following day. Also, unless you have normal functioning kidneys or are a diabetic in good control, you may have protein or sugar in your urine.

Third, what is a nutritional Ph.D.? Never heard that one before.

Lastly, if a physician suspects a nutritional deficiency of a vitamin or mineral, they just prescribe several times the RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) for that particular vitamin or mineral until the symptoms go away. Then hopefully the patient talks to a Registered Dietitian to find out how to get the nutrients they need from food, not pills. There is nothing natural about pills and the human body sends 90% of pills down the toilet!

I would recommend you take a basic nutrition class at your university. Then critically decide if you should continue selling supplements. BTW, I didn’t bother going past your home page once I saw that you were selling supplements.